5 Star Review

Scott Buckley - 5* Review!

"To try and cut along story short, I imported my dream car; A V8 '67 mustang, 15 years ago, restored it myself over 5 years then had to sell it for financial reasons. It wasn't a special or limited edition. Just a standard V8 289ci coupe, but I was devastated. I always regretted selling.
Last year I was browsing eBay and saw that Retro Classic Car had it for sale!
When I contacted them and explained the situation they ABSOLUTELY bent over backwards to help me buy it back. I wasn't expecting to buy a car so it took time to get the money together. 
They were so patient with me, even putting a hold on the sale to other potential buyers who had the cash there and then. I hadn't even put a deposit down! They believed me. Trusted my word. And trust is massive when buying a car. Both ways. 
This shows me that they aren't just about making a quick buck. They took an actual interest in the connection I had with 'my' mustang.
I was extremely lucky to find my car again and even luckier that Retro Classics were the people selling it.
There were almost daily emails and phone calls between us over the month or so it took me to scrape the money together. Me panicking and them reassuring me everything would be fine and they'll do everything possible to help me to get my car back to me.
I know every inch of the car and when I got it back it was every bit as good as when I sold it. I know it had been stored for a while but before I collected it, it'd had a brake overhaul and service and even the paint had been touched up where my own respray hadn't quite met their high standards.
It was a real family affair the day I collected it. My wife, my daughters and my brother all came with me to collect the car. We were all made so welcome. They just knew how big a deal this was to me.
I HONESTLY couldn't recommended them highly enough.
If you're in the market for your dream car, RETRO CLASSIC CAR is the ONLY showroom you need to visit!
They made my dream come true. AGAIN. I'll be forever grateful to them for making it possible to get my baby back, and that my kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy it. Forever. Cos it's going no where, ever again!
Sorry, couldn't make this review any shorter.....this story needs telling. There wouldn't BE a story without Retro Classics. Thank you."