POV Test Drive - The driving experience

Testing out the new Go Pro for what will be the last drive in the 79 Z28 Camaro before being delivered to its new owner. Without a doubt one of the best Camaros we have ever had in stock and that’s just on its driving capabilities alone. Would never get sick of the sound track on this car. Certainly something extra special with these Z28's! Now you’re probably thinking what is the point in this post? Well at Retro Classic Car we are determined to make the experience of buying a classic car as enjoyable as possible not only for peace of mind before buying or traveling up to our specialist classic car showroom in North Yorkshire we provide videos of most of our cars in stock on our YouTube so you can get a feel for the car – How the interior looks, how the paintwork reflections in different lights. All the little things you need to know before you make your purchase. However more importantly how the car sounds, come on it has to sound good… But for now a new series of videos on YouTube that we will be doing is Point of view (POV) driving videos on almost every car we get in stock so you really can get a feel for the car and how it sounds / drives etc. And what it’s actually like to be behind the wheel of these machines. So weather your looking to buy or just a classic car fan we hope you enjoy the video below. But for now let us know what cars you would like to see us drive in our extensive range of stock!