Our Buying Advice & Terms

You are buying a classic motor vehicle, many of which are mechanically quite simple when compared to the complexity of brand new modern day cars. Our cars, unless otherwise stated are of a satisfactory quality and fit to drive away.

However, the majority of our cars are over 40 years old and many of their parts may also be this old too, so unless otherwise stated, we don’t give any warranties, nor do we imply that any of our cars will come with one.

Our Terms

We always recommend that you arrange to come in person to fully inspect the car and you are welcome to arrange an independent inspection if you like and to take a test drive.

We will tell you exactly what we have done in the preparation for sale and every vehicle is supplied with a current MOT and outline report of what we have dome to the car. If available we will also let you look through any of the vehicle’s paperwork history so you can see and are aware of what has, or has not been done to the car over the years.

We can explain some of the common faults with the model of car and often we can advise what could need to be done next to improve it further and to increase its value and to keep it on the road.

At all times we aim to be open and honest when describing our vehicles, some however because of their age don’t come with any history as it has been lost over the years by various owners. In this case we will tell you everything we know and have rectified when getting the vehicle ready for sale.

Owning a classic car is an investment and enjoyable, however with cars of this age, they are temperamental, things go wrong, parts wear out and they can and do break down. We are always on the end of a phone for further advice and happy to help.



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