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The Mustang Timeline – UK’s Specialist Dealership

  • The Mustang Timeline - UK Specialist Dealership

The Mustang Timeline At Retro! This year alone we have essentially completed the Classic Mustang timeline, from the years 1964 1/2 to 1973. Coupes, Convertibles, Fastbacks and a couple of Modern Mustangs, we have had them all. It’s amazing to see the evolution of one of the most iconic cars to ever be produced! So the question is, which shape is your favourite?

Whether you are looking to purchase your 1st, 5th or thinking about Selling Your Mustang please feel free to get in touch with either Adrian or Sam. We are always here for help, advice and try to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible! Head over to our Testimonial section on our website to get a feel for how easy and stress free it really is. Call 📲 07939 511 180 Email 📧 or get in touch though either Facebook or Instagram.

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