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Love Driving & Exploring? Top 12 Driving Routes

  • Love Driving & Exploring? Top 12 Driving Routes In The UK

    Top 12 Driving Roads UK

As the weather warms, we will inevitably see more and more of our beloved classic cars make their way onto the nation’s roads. And, although there are a couple of classic car events which aren’t able to go ahead this year, we hope to see owners take their classic vehicles out in the sunshine nonetheless.

To entice classic car owners to bring their classic vehicles out of the safety of their garages, Heritage Classic Car Insurance has devised the ‘Top 12 Driving Routes in the UK’ for you to blow off the cobwebs and hit the road.

When taking a road trip, it is important to remember that sometimes it isn’t all about speed or destination: it’s about the journey. Whether you have had your classic car for years or were thinking about visiting our showroom to purchase an American classic or muscle car, here are some of our top tips for taking your classic car on a road trip this year.

It’s time to have some fun (safely, we must add!)

Make Sure Everything Is In Gear

Before you take to the open road, you will want to make sure everything is in check to keep your engine purring for the duration of your trip. Check your oil, water levels, tyre pressure and make sure you have filled up on fuel. Luckily, if you are heading on one of Heritage’s routes, they have plenty of service points mapped out on whichever route you decide to take.

Share The Drive 

At Retro, we know that your classic car is your passion but, why not consider sharing the drive? If you want to do more than one route or a single long one, it’s good to share the driving load with another driver if you can. In most cases, it will mean a safer journey for everyone on the journey and, on some stretches of your route, it’ll be nice to sit back, listen to music and taking in the scenery that surrounds you.

Pack For Comfort 

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, so you will want to make sure that you have packed for every season. We recommend that your essentials include sunglasses, some extra layers and most importantly, some extra water and snacks. Driving a classic car in the summer heat is one way to get dehydrated fast, so it is best to take extra precautions.

And of course, you can’t forget Heritage’s ultimate road trip playlist on Spotify. No road trip is complete without listening to some classic driving songs, that’s of course if you can hear the music over the sound of that American V8!

Most importantly, have fun! Take your car back to its intended former glory and enjoy the journey.

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